Vision Statement 

The ND TRiO Mission

Since the 1960’s, Notre Dame’s TRiO Programs have been essential to helping thousands of local students lay the foundation for a lifetime of achievement. Through tutoring, mentoring, academic counseling, career exploration, cultural enrichment and community service, today’s students continue to reach higher, dream bigger and expect more of themselves as a result of their experiences with TRiO.

With TRiO doing their part, the student scholars are expected to do theirs, as outlined in the core values statement:


The University of Notre Dame inspires me to REACH HIGHERDREAM BIGGER and EXPECT MORE of myself as a result of my experiences with TRiO's college access and preparatory programs.

As a TRiO scholar, I value:


  • Going beyond what is required in order to achieve my goals.
  • Demonstrating the energy and commitment to continuously improve.
  • Serving as someone who others look to as a leader for inspiration and encouragement.

Commitment to excellence

  • Striving to meet the highest standards of performance and quality in all that I do.
  • Pursuing personal development as well as academic achievement with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Exemplifying a strong work ethic and an outstanding attention to details.


  • Taking responsibility for my decisions, actions and their results.
  • Delivering on promises I make to myself and others.
  • Exercising good judgment in the ways I conduct and present myself.

New Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities

  • Aspiring to transform every challenge I face into a learning opportunity.
  • Embracing diversity by treating others with respect and promoting fairness towards all.
  • Communicating openly and honestly with others to promote cooperation and collaboration.