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Talent Search

Upward Bound


Staff Contact Information

Ethan Zagore
Director, TRiO Programs
(574) 631-9004

Sonya Watkins
Assoc. Director, Talent Search
(574) 631-6294

Jennifer Pittman
Advisor, Talent Search
(574) 631-6221


Nijinsky Dix
Asst. Director, TRiO Programs
(574) 631-6835

James Desits
Advisor, Talent Search
(574) 631-7856

Omar Bell
Community & Program Liaison
(574) 631-0558

Michelle Kretchmer
Admin Asst., Upward Bound
(574) 631-5669

Rafael Marín
Assoc. Director, Upward Bound
(574) 631-8428

Matthew Adams
Advisor, Talent Search
(574) 631-5444

Kathy Rand
Sr. Staff Assistant, Talent Search
(574) 631-5670

University of Notre Dame
TRiO Programs
122 West Lake Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556