Upward Bound Girls Code!

With the help of South Bend Code School, Upward Bound Lady Scholars participated in a week long immersion program to expose girls to coding. Led by Lady Coder and Co-founder of South Bend Code School Alexandra Liggins, the novice coders were informed of career options, tech organizations, and the fundamentals of computer science. Of the participants, no one had prior experience with coding. Nonetheless, after a few short hours and amazing instruction, students began coding individual websites. “I thought it was cool that Alex [Liggins], a girl could do all of this. I thought the guys would teach us, but they were the helpers and she was the teacher – that was weird, but really cool,” said Gisella Morales-Garibay.

Upon the completion of the student websites, the founders of Code School Alex Sejdinaj and Alexandra Liggins were excited about the experience and the creations, but ultimately aimed to plant seeds of possibility. “We want to inspire, educate, and equip young women with the computing skills to pursue global opportunities. We really believe they can change the face of technology.”

The work of UB Lady Coders can be found at South Bend Code School.