2016 Indiana Student Leadership Conference

In alignment with the core values of ND TRiO and other TRiO programs across the state, this year’s conference focused on “The Shaping of One’s Life” - Dream Fearlessly, Set Goals, Create your path and Become all that you envisioned!  This year’s itinerary included breakout sessions entitled “Attracted to Positivity: Using the Law of Attraction to become all that you envisioned;” “Are YOU a Creator or VICTIM? Adopting A Mindset that moves you closer to your Goals;” and “Widen your Comfort Zone: How to stretch your Comfort Zone.” TRIO departments across the state and country are tasked with upholding standards that have been proven effective and also with creating and implementing new ideas and strategies to ensure student success. Mental clarity, focus, and the ability to maintain and manage these qualities are instrumental in being a successful student and leader in and outside of the classroom. The two-day conference is one of the many ways TRIO departments across the state of Indiana convene to share ideas, encourage and challenge TRiO students, and most importantly, continue to ensure that TRiO Works!