A ND TRiO Programs Holiday Story

As most students prepared to take a break from the books due to the holiday season, ND TRiO students on the other hand, were preparing to give. In collaboration with the South Bend Catholic Worker – Our Lady of the Road, a community organization that provides hospitality to individuals and families in need in the Michiana area, TRiO students donated their time and skills in the spirit of the season. Unfortunately, during the holiday season, some families are simply unable to enjoy warm meals, exchange gifts, and overload on bouts of laughter. As a result, in an effort to extend a dose of good cheer, TRiO students assisted with food preparation, packing donated clothing, and even provided gift wrapping to create a memorable and meaningful holiday for local families.  “I’m really blessed and sometimes, I take that for granted. Volunteering reminds me that homelessness and/or poverty can happen to anyone and it is our responsibility to take care of the community,” said Upward Bound senior, Estrella Velez. Even though the holiday season has run its course, ND Talent Search and Upward Bound students understand service is the only gift that keeps on giving.