UB Journalists? Upward Bound Scholars create the first ever ND UB magazines


Similar to most Upward Bound summer academies, ND provides courses to strengthen and build academic tenacity, prevent summer learning loss, and to urge exploration. Utilizing this year’s theme of inclusion, diversity, and communication, students selected a topic in which they were required to write objectively. “This is hard. I didn’t realize how biased I was about certain topics. This made me more aware,” said Cameryn Watt. After several journalistic drafts and candid dialogue, students produced two magazines focusing on topics ranging from fashion to religion.

Without further ado, ND UB presents the editorial debuts of: 

Generation Y

Authors: Aaron Smith, Fiona Hughes (2), Shania Groves, Thomas Dang (2), Raini Fleming, Jesus Parra-Guerrero



Authors: Benjamin Kinganga, Janelle Johnson, Jing Guo, Cameryn Watt, Tyler DuVall, Mayra Garcia & Preston Igwe (Summer Academic and Residential Advisor– Op-Editorial)