ND alumna, Danielle Green gives back to ND TRiO Programs

In celebration of Diversity & Inclusion Month, Fifth Third Bank hosted a Community Leaders Breakfast highlighting and honoring individuals making an impact. Among the eight honorees, Danielle Green, University of Notre Dame alumna, Purple Heart recipient, combat veteran, and ESPN Pat Tillman Award recipient, was presented with $5300 to donate to a charity of choice. Presented by Robert Sullivan, CEO and President of Fifth Third Bank Chicago and University of Notre Dame alumnus, Danielle announced she would pay-it-forward to ND TRiO Programs. When asked about her contribution, Mrs. Green replied, "Those young people are amazing and the staff is passionate about their work.  When you combine passion and purpose, that's when the world changes and that's what ND TRiO is building: passion and purpose."

Danielle Green served as this year's 2016 Student & Parent Leadership keynote speaker. 

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