UB scholars slay the 2016 ND BCAC Fashion Show

While NDUB is known to provide pre-college access programming and cultural enrichment, we also aim to provide a platform of expression and creativity. To support student ambitions and to improve the “sense of self,” Our Lady’s Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS) and the Black Cultural Arts Council (BCAC) provided three UB scholars with the opportunity to vogue – a first in BCAC history.

Taking place during Spring Visit (affectionately known as Spring Vis), an opportunity for high school students to experience academic, social, and spiritual life at the University of Notre Dame, Sam Ngure, Adriana Santiago, and Lamyaa Hussein participated in the annual BCAC Fashion Showcase. After weeks of stilettos, walking on cue, and maintaining one’s balance, our UB top models graced the Washington Hall stage in the presence of hundreds of onlookers from around the nation – literally. “I was initially so afraid, but the practice and all of the support from the ND students and staff really helped my confidence,” said Adriana Santiago-Lora. Provided with their own UB solo scene, our scholar-models received a standing ovation.

A special thanks to Njeri Williams, President of BCAC and Iris Outlaw, Director of MSPS for making confidence possible! 

*The BCAC is an ethnic organization that responds to the needs of the African-American community by sponsoring, promoting, and supporting intellectual, spiritual, social, entertainment, and community service programs. It is the duty of BCAC to promote and advance traditional African and African-American values and customs which will support the holistic development of its members and persons within the Notre Dame community.