Upward Bound students help with a community crisis

Over a year ago, residents of Flint, Michigan learned that high levels of lead were found in the city's service lines. However, it was not until a local pediatrician noticed rising blood lead levels in Flint children, provoking governmental officials to acknowledge what is now known as America's Water Crisis. 

After learning that tens of thousands of Flint families had become exposed to water contamination, Upward Bound students decided to provide aid. Partnering with the International Student Organization at John Adams High School (under the mentorship of advisor, Savino Rivera Jr.), students donated 104 bottles of water - representing each student served by ND Upward Bound. After discussing how lead can affect cognition and behavior leading to educational woes, students began to reflect on their own blessings. "I place unfinished water aside every day...sometimes it takes something unfortunate to happen to realize what you take for granted," said Raini Fleming. 

To date, Congress has yet to approve Flint for federal aid.