Finding the Future: Scholarship Foundation of St. Joseph County 2015 College Fair

As seniors and rising juniors prepare college applications, Notre Dame TRiO participants attended a local college fair hosted by the Scholarship Foundation of St. Joseph County to assist with the decision-making process. At the fair, students learned about the application/admissions process, as well as financial aid. At the financial aid seminar, students were informed of  available aid including grants, scholarships, loans, and the state's 21st Century Scholars program. Many of the Upward Bound students found this information extremely useful, "it helped [me] to understand what colleges are really saying when they offer you money...there is a difference between a loan and a scholarship, and I understand that better now."

In addition to the financial aid seminar, over 80 colleges and universities were represented at the fair. Students networked with admissions counselors and learned more about both in-state and out-of-state institutions.