TRiO Students Shadow ND Irish For a Day

Each year, the Notre Dame TRiO Programs hosts Shadow for a Day, an event that matches Talent Search and Upward Bound students with students from the University of Notre Dame to experience a regular day of a college student. This year, over 20 TRiO students were matched with Notre Dame hosts. Beginning as early as 7:30 a.m., shadows and hosts attended early morning classes and labs as well as social/academic club meetings. "She's a part of so many things, yet she kept her energy. After the first class I was already exhausted," said Tiana Mudzimurema regarding her host, Chizo Ekechukwu, a graduating senior of Neuroscience and Behavior. After what shadows deemed to be a "crazy morning," students met for lunch in the South Dining Hall (among hundreds of college students), which was followed by an admissions presentation provided by Notre Dame Admissions. 

Students then continued with the day, trekking across campus for classes, meetings, and even a few obligatory social sessions/breaks at Starbucks with other fellow collegians. As classes concluded and the day came to end, students were asked about their experience. In between yawns and faces of exhaustion, Rania Douglas exclaimed, "This was a great experience. It was hard, but it showed me what I need to prepare for to be successful in college...not just Notre Dame, but any college." Her peers echoed her sentiments. 

A special thanks to Notre Dame Admissions and the following hosts: 

Ashleigh Rogers, Bi'unca Redmon, Cayla Andrews, Cherisse Belser, Chizo Ekechukwu, Chris Hickson, Coty Miller, Daniel Guerrero, Dean Merriweather, Deborah Bineza, Geralyn Smith, Kayah St. Gerard, Nia McGill, Nina Jones, Qai Gordon, Rachel Wallace, and Vivian Nweze.

Go Irish!