UB Scholars volunteer to take the DIS out of disABILITY

This past Saturday, Hannah & Friends, a non-profit organization hosted the 4th Annual Hannah & Friends 5k to bring awareness and compassion for children and young adults affected by Autism and Global Delays. In support of the Hannah & Friend’s mission of “awareness and compassion for all” UB staff members Rafael Marin and Nijinsky Dix, registered for the annual 5k. After the initial giggles from UB scholars, participants offered to not only support their UB family but to lend a helping hand to the Hannah & Friends community as well. For four hours, participants served as volunteers to families of Hannah & Friends as well as other organizations that provided their support on the big day. After braving the 3.10 miles across the horse pastures, garden pathways and shady trails of Hannah & Friends, staff members were greeted at the finish line by the encouragement and smiling faces of Upward Bound Scholars as well as, new Friends.