Talent Search Summer Academy graces the front page of the South Bend Tribune

For many students, the thought of voluntarily attending "summer school" is not appealing. However, for 21 rising eighth and ninth graders, the Talent Search Summer Academy provided a memorable academic and social experience. Under the direction of Jennifer Pittman, our team's newest Talent Search advisor, students attended two intensive weeks of reading, writing, and arithmetic sessions. Alongside local South Bend School Corporation instructors and administrators such as Melissa LaPlace, the assistant principal at Brown Intermediate Center, subjects were taught via project-based learning. Additionally, to incorporate social and cultural enrichment, students toured and discussed local gems such as the Snite Museum and even pushed past fears such as ice skating. "I was afraid [of ice skating] at first, but after a while I just did it. I was happy that I did that. It made me feel good," said rising Clay High School freshman Danielle Barrett. During the academy, students also learned more about the 21st Century Scholars program and college admissions. 

For more details about this year's Talent Search Summer Academy, head over to the front page of the South Bend Tribune. (*This story was also featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Chicago Tribune). 

Congratulations Talent Search on a job well done!