Upward Bound Scholars leave a lasting impression

Summertime for most students is symbolic for freedom: extended nights, late mornings, and no school. However, for seven Upward Bound Scholars, two weeks of their summer was filled with voluntarily attending a language arts enrichment course (non-credit) under the instruction of Notre Dame professor, Dr. Julia Douthwaite. On the first day, students echoed, "She gave us a syllabus for two weeks, that made us nervous." Nonetheless, with hesitancy, students proceeded...with an eagerness to learn.

For more about this year's UB Summer Academy Language Arts cohort, check out Julia Douthwaite's editorial in the South Bend Tribune. 

Douthwaite is professor of French at the University of Notre Dame and has been an instructor of language arts for Upward Bound for the past four years. Douthwaite is also the author of  Exotic Women: Literary Heroines and Cultural Strategies in Ancien RĂ©gime France and recently published, The Pit-bull who would be President: Fables for our Day.