Upward Bound Summer Academy

The art of communication is the language of leadership. – James Humes

Considering NDUB maintains a continuous investment in molding change-agents and 21st Century leaders, this year’s summer academy focused on communication – C3 -  Creatively Communicating to Connect.

While some students prepared for days off, UB Scholars immediately began summer courses. While returning students were familiar with the process, freshmen participants were a bit hesitant about long summer days. “We didn’t get any days off. I left regular school to come to Upward Bound school. I can’t believe my summer will be dedicated to school,” said Jakaylah Johnson. Nonetheless, upperclassmen UB scholars assured the first-time summer attendees that the experience would be a memorable one. From project-based enrichment courses to building and launching rockets, the UB Summer Academy was filled with activities that required participants to communicate - effectively and creatively. “I’m an only child so living in the dorms was initially uncomfortable, but after we talked about our interests and what we want to do in life, I realized we had a lot in common,” said Aniyah Johnson. Lead by residential advisors So Yoon Jung (Kate), Jarrod Buchanan, Moises Garcia, Amber Bryan, and Amanda Brown, participants learned to build bridges literally (via architecture) and figuratively (communication based activities).  After six weeks of ten hour days, Lakima Stokes reflected on her experience as she packed her belongings, “I can’t believe I did this. I’m afraid of water, but I went kayaking; I didn’t want to live [in the dorms] with anyone, but I did; I woke myself up and relied on new friends to help me with getting things together…yeah, I think I’ll be ready for college after all.”

A special thanks to the following individuals and areas that made the 2016 UB Summer Academy a success:

Algebra 2 - Mr. Bruce Urban

Pre-Calculus - Mr. Casey Geer

Geometry - Mr. Mark Ullrich

Economics - Mr. Paul Kingston

U.S. Government - Mrs. Darcia King-O'Blenis

Chemistry - Mr. Mark Wilson

Biology - Mrs. Sally Troxel

Language Arts – Dr. Julia Douthwaite

ACE - Brian Collier, Patrick Kirkland, & Gene Buczynski

ND Writing Program - Matt Capdevielle

Housing - Dan Allen & Heather Marshall

South Dining Hall - Denise Moulds

Hesburgh Libraries (One Button Studio)  - Dr. Randal Sean Harrison

Salsa – Jordan Richardson

Ricci Band Rehearsal Hall – Ken Dye & Larry Dwyer

Jordan Hall of Science- DNA Center – Dr. Amy Stark

Architecture – Nastasia Buckley

E-portfolios – Rachel Wallace

Classrooms - Linda Martellaro


ND Health Services

ND Fire Department

ND Safety

One Love Community Circle

Rolfs Aquatic Center

ND Stadium Tours

Compton Family Ice Arena

ND Student Activities

Erica Ferrufino

Ariana Peña

So Yoon Jung

Jarrod Buchanan

Amber Bryan

Moises Garcia

Amanda Brown

Here's a glimpse of Summer '16!