TRiO Supporter Spotlight: Vicki Staniszewski (John Adams High School)

IMG_0545 (1).jpg

When you walk into the Guidance Office at John Adams High School, the first person you see is Vicki Staniszewski.  She is a true asset to both Adams High School and the TRiO Programs.  Vicki has been at Adams High School since July of 2008.  Before Adams, she worked for Adult Education with the South Bend Community School Corporation, starting in the year 2000. One of her favorite things about working at Adams is the diversity there.  Another favorite aspect of her job is being able to watch the students become successful.  She said, "that is our job here."  Watching seniors get into college or go into the military or begin their careers is very special to her.  Vicki's philosophy is to do the best she can every day.  Vicki talks about how the ability to adapt is a great and essential skill for someone in her position. It is also important to have a positive attitude when doing so.  She said, " let the counselors be the counselors." 

Her contributions to the success of Adams High School and to ND TRiO is beyond measure.  I do not know how she keeps on top of everything that comes her way, but she does. She seems to possess great skill at getting things done quickly.  I do not know the secret to her success, but if Vicki ever writes it all in a book, I will look for it on the bestseller list. 

Many thanks, Vicki, for making #TRiOWork!