TRiO Supporter Spotlight: Irene Patterson (Washington High School)


For the past 30 years, Irene Patterson (pictured second from the left) has passionately served as an advocate for education. Always knowing she wanted to be a guide for students, Patterson began mastering her skills at the University of Notre Dame. After over a decade of service at Our Lady, Irene became a guidance counselor for the South Bend School Corporation (SBCSC). Since 1999, Patterson has served as an educator and counselor for Navarre Intermediate Center, Dickinson Fine Arts Academy, Riley High School, and Clay High School. In the fall of 2003, Patterson joined the Panther family at Washington High School as a guidance counselor and most recently, as the head of guidance from 2014-2016.  

Fortunately for ND TRiO, Irene Patterson is one of "ours." For nearly 20 years, Irene has been instrumental in the recruitment process for Talent Search and Upward Bound; ensures advisors are up-to-date with recent SBCSC/WHS information; provides [immediate] access and accommodations for TRiO staff members and students; has served as a vocal advocate for TRiO services; and most importantly, fosters an undeniable spirit of Panther Pride. 

Mrs. Patterson, we couldn't do this without you!  

Thank you for making TRiO work!