TRiO Spotlight: Spelling Bee Champion - Claire Pittman

For some of today’s youth, a spelling bee competition is considered boring and outdated. Nonetheless, Michiana middle and high school scholars were determined to showcase a very necessary skill: spelling.  Hosted by Gentlemen and Scholars Inc., a non-profit mentorship program, the inaugural Spelling Bee Explosion was held to not only increase the students’ intellect and vocabulary, but to provide a sense of confidence. “If they have confidence in the words they use and understand the words, they can communicate with anyone," said Cory Brazier, Director of Gentlemen and Scholars. After hours of spelling words such as allegiance, catastrophe, ecstasy, and disparaging, the high school competition came to an end. Claire Pittman, a Talent Search Scholar and 10th grader at Washington High School, took home the title of High School Spelling Bee Champion and a $1,500.00 scholarship for correctly spelling the term legitimately.  

Congratulations, Claire!