Get Your Game Face On!

After an intense 2016 Olympiad at the University of Notre Dame, Upward Bound scholars from around the state prepared to reclaim and/or gain new victories. Hosted by IUPUI’s Upward Bound, the 2017 Olympiad served as an active remedy for summer learning loss and physical fitness. During the two-day event, the state’s eight UB programs represented their respective institutions at the highest level of academic achievement stemming from STEM to discussions regarding international politics. “I was listening to some of the Jeopardy questions and I was a bit taken aback about how much the students knew. I knew they were smart, but wow,” said IUPUI UB Assistant Director Esther Myrick. Zion Redding, a NDUB scholar echoed Myrick’s sentiments regarding this year’s Great Debate. “I learned so much being a part of this year’s team. This competition makes me want to be more informed and read more. Everyone’s so smart.” After hours of nail-biting scores, this year’s winners were:

The Great Debate

University of Notre Dame



Following intense battles of intellect (via Jeopardy and the Great Debate), students detoxed via team-based activities, mind games, and friendly individual competitions. “Yesterday, when they toured the campus, played soccer, basketball, and other activities, I thought they would be worn out today. Not them. I literally watched students hoola hoop for over an hour! Impossible…or so I thought,” said Lydia Bates, IPFW Assistant Director. While each physical activity/sport highlighted winners and participants respectively, it appears as if the unplanned program vs. program (based on gender) and staff vs. staff tug-o-war was the most memorable. “I heard some of the students and I thought it would be a good idea to make it fair…girls vs. girls and guys vs. guys, but I didn’t know it would turn into this. These kids are smart and strong,” said Ethan Zagore, ND Director. Whether it was physical agility or intellect, Indiana UBers definitely put their game faces on!