Tour dé IU


Back by popular demand, seniors journeyed to the land of Hoosiers during fall break to get a final glimpse of IU’s most sought after institutions – IUPUI and IU Bloomington. Stopping at the most revered of the IU system (Bloomington), students were welcomed to campus by Assistant Director of Admissions, Treon McClendon to explain all things IU. “Even though I am an IU alum, as you learn more about the campus, make sure it aligns with your academic and career aspirations as well as your personal values. Don’t choose IU because your friends did, choose IU for you…that’s what makes college an experience,” said McClendon.  

Prior to touring the flagship institution, students also heard from Groups Scholar Ambassador, Juan Cano regarding the coveted IU Groups Scholars program, a supplemental support program for underrepresented students. “Annually, we admit over 300 students, but the competitive edge is increasing every year,” said Cano. After highlighting the opportunities at IU, ND TRiO alum and current IU scholar, Darryl Henderson (alongside other ND TRiO alumni) concluded the tour with the TRiO to IU connection. “TRiO helped me to get here and Groups is helping me to survive here. It may sound like a lot, but you’ll appreciate these experiences and everything they’re telling you.”

As scholars traveled to IUPUI, students eagerly yet nervously discussed the application process. “It’s scary, but I feel prepared and that’s the exciting part,” said Tiana Mudzimurema. Approaching the campus, scholars were immediately welcomed by a diverse group of student ambassadors and IUPUI UB Director, Roxanne Gregg. “As you tour the campus you will learn about the college and its programs, but remember TRiO (Student Support Services and Upward Bound) is here for any questions that you may have.” Immediately noticing the hustle of bustle of the campus due to its location, students were immediately engulfed in student campaigns, city traffic, active classrooms, and programming. “I never considered IUPUI, but I like the energy, the environment, and the resources,” said Shania Clay. While student ambassadors provided a memorable informational and campus tour, ND TRiO alumnae Tania Wilson and Jing Guo echoed the sentiments of ND TRiO Scholars at IU, “I still speak with my ND TRiO family even though I’m with SSS here at IUPUI. I feel so connected to resources and opportunities because of them. They’re preparing you - just listen, learn, and apply.”