The Big Chop - A Gift

For most people, hair is a significant part of their identity; an attribute we often take for granted; an attribute cancer patients wish for; an attribute UB Coordinator, Claire Kucela is willing to give…

As a freshman at Notre Dame, Claire Kucela learned of Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. Gaining a new appreciation for her locks, Claire decided to donate eight inches of her chestnut colored mane to aid in the creation of wigs for cancer patients. After years of growing her hair back, Claire learned that due to the advancements in the production of synthetic wigs and client preference, Pantene Beautiful Lengths would no longer accept donations after December 31st, 2018. Determined to meet the deadline, Claire did the BIG chop…again. This time around, Claire donated a total of 20 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. “Hopefully they or another organization will continue to make real hair wigs in the future. I think that women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy deserve a wig made from real hair. My hair grows fast, is thick and healthy, and I've always felt that it is a gift that I should share. I would love to donate it again sometime in the future.” Fortunately for Claire and most importantly for surviving cancer patients, Pantene Beautiful Lengths will continue to make wigs made of real hair for the next several years or until their supply is exhausted.

Way to go, Claire!