SPLC 2018 - 20/20 Vision


On March 17th, the University of Notre Dame’s TRiO Programs hosted its 16th Annual Student Parent Leadership Conference. 

Joshua Short, News Anchor for WNDU, provided the keynote address which opened the conference. He implored the students to follow their 'visions' (placing emphasis on more than one vision) not just to college but beyond. In his closing remarks he said that, statistically, only a few of the students gathered would accomplish astounding feats in their future. As this fact resonated and then stunned the students, Joshua added an amendment; that he knew they would do everything they could to prove him (and the statistics) wrong.

As the day progressed, the attending students and parents engaged in concurrent sessions which included, but were not limited to, college and career readiness, financial planning, time-management, branding, and college admissions. TRiO UB senior Rebekah Amaya led a session on student agency, advocacy, and policy, acknowledging as well as encouraging the significant increase in student activism both locally and nationally. 

To conclude the event, Tess Ngochi, TRiO UB graduate and current Notre Dame student, provided a 'vision statement' for the soon-to-graduate seniors about what to expect as they prepare for college. She was the last to provide such a 'vision statement' after the torch had passed through each of the successive classes. Aya Ertimi calmed the fears of the rising freshmen, Tristan Freel provided insight to rising sophomores, Denny Guo made the rising juniors laugh, and Tiana Mudzimurema performed a rousing spoken word piece to the rising seniors about her (and their) journey through high school.  

ND TRiO would especially like to thank all the attendees, sponsors, and supporters, as well as community and educational partners for their help orchestrating another successful conference.