A Domer for a Day


While most are captivated by the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, or the abundance of squirrels on campus, ND TRiO Scholars are most interested in the experience of being a Domer. With the help of amazing ND undergraduates, ND TRiO Scholars were able to satisfy their curiosities. 

Beginning at 8:00 a.m., students were partnered with ND undergraduates to commence their day as a Domer. Shadowing undergraduates for a full day, students experienced everything from a quick Starbucks run to Intensive Intermediate French to Biochemistry. “If I learned anything today it was time management…that’s the only way to balance everything out,” said ND TRiO Scholar, Britney Nilli. While the experience is designed to provide ND TRiO Scholars with a hands-on experience of college life, the day proved to be impactful for the hosts as well. “This type of programming is important. I see myself helping TRiO with other events and initiatives during my time as Domer," said ND freshman, Sydney Hayes. 

Students concluded the day with a panel discussion consisting of ND first-gen scholars and an admissions presentation. 

Special thanks to the following Domers and ND entities that made Shadow-for-a-Day a success: 
Samantha Loper
Cassandra Joynes
Lord Boachie
MiKaela Ramsey
Tess Ngochi
Dayonni Phillips
Ava Gruener
Jahlecia Gregory
Jazmin Flete
Gabriella Marines-Chio
Samuel Adofo
Samuel Clarin
Irena Oh
Sydney Hayes
Krystian Gorski
DeAndre Tomlinson
Emily Unebasami
Consuela Wilson – Office of Student Enrichment
Iris Outlaw – Multicultural Student Programs & Services
Rachel Wallace – Office of Admissions