The UB Humans of Summer at ND

Inspired by the wildly popular Humans of New York, the [Upward Bound] Humans of Summer at ND enjoyed both the everyday and the out-of-the-ordinary experiences of campus life. After attending rigorous classes for high school credit - Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, U.S. Government - the students immersed themselves in a variety of uniquely ND experiences. From learning to skate at the Compton Family Ice Arena, making s'mores at the bonfire on Holy Cross Hill, to relaxing at St. Joseph's Beach, the students enjoyed the lighter aspects of the college experience. Some even participated in impromptu bookstore basketball games, while others tooled around campus on Lime Bikes, a newer addition the the Notre Dame and broader South Bend communities.

In between courses and campus activities, students took enrichment courses designed to help them gain knowledge and confidence in subjects such as public speaking, English, and lab science. To highlight their immersive experience on campus, and to show the multi-varied fun of summer days, the students stepped away from their classes and extracurricular activities and behind the camera (or cell phone) to participate in their own 'Humans' project. The Humans of Summer at ND gave the students the opportunity to interview a variety of people on campus. Each student later wrote a caption to accompany photos of their subjects, both of which were meant to embody the person and their experiences in a capsule form. Many of the students were surprised at the diversity of people present on campus. One student remarked that she did not expect there to be both older and younger people on campus. She thought that the only people on campus during the summer were teenagers, like herself, who were participating in summer programming and camps. Whether academically, socially, or culturally, by summer's end, the Humans of ND Upward Bound became part of the fabric known as the Home of the Irish. 

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2018 Summer Advisors

2018 Summer Advisors

Special thanks to: 

Anne Pillai - ND Energy 

ACE - Brian Collier and Patrick Kirkland

Band of the Fighting Irish (Justin McManus)

Compton Family Ice Arena

Dr. Emily Tsui - Chemistry Department

InterAction- Centering Stories, Driving Change

IUSB (Rebecca Brittenham, Ashley Eaton, Joshua Giorgio-Rubin, Lee Kahan, Jake Mattox, Douglas McMillen, and Constance Peterson-Miller)

Natasha Henderson, NP of University of Florida Family Medicine

ND Admissions

ND Athletics

ND Department of Transportation (Deanna Ponsler)

ND Fire Department

ND Health Services

ND Office of Residential Life (Kimberly Kolk)

ND Office of Registrar (Linda Martellaro) 

ND RecSports (Todd Dion, Samantha Fitzpatrick, Drew Loso, Anthony Onimus, Jennifer Philips, and Mark Williams)

ND South Dining Hall (Stephen Weaver)


Paris Jo Thomas of

Parking Services (Tena Stump)

Rudy Monterossa, Esq. 

St. Joseph High School

Summer Advisors – Molly Chen, Sydney Hayes, LeRoy Holliday, Jayda Watkins, Jessica Wensus

Summer Instructors – Mrs. Darcy King-O'Blenis, Ms. Claire Kucela, Ms. Velshonna Luckey, Mr. Amir Ragab, Ms. Jessica Stewart, Mr. Bruce Urban, Mr. Mark Wilson

The staff of Debartolo Hall