Ball State & Indiana Wesleyan College Tour

In pursuit of higher education, a group of both Talent Search and Upward Bound students made the trip to Muncie, IN to visit Ball State University. Ball State student tour guides led the ND TRiO students on a spirited trek front one corner of campus to the other, which allowed the students to get a feel for the decidedly urban campus. Students were able to see academic buildings, libraries, exercise facilities, eateries, and dorms, all while being told the pros and cons of attending a large, in-state, public institution. The tour guides also shared campus tales, bits of trivia, and monuments that make Ball State unique. These included the frog baby fountain and the statue named Beneficence who is surrounded by pillars representing the Ball brothers (of Ball Canning Jar fame). Much legend and folklore surrounding these campus spots was shared during the tour. The admissions presentation that followed helped students learn about the many majors offered, as well as the affordability of a Ball State education. For lunch, students enjoyed a bit of freedom in Woodworth Commons, one of the larger dining halls on campus. 

After lunch, a short drive took the group to the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University where students got a feel for a smaller, more rural, Christian educational environment. Students remarked at the difference between the two campuses: the quiet, contained campus vs. the city-based campus; the small classes vs. the large lectures; the Christian emphasis vs. the state school atmosphere. The day provided the students with a dramatic example of the abundance of college options available to them, specifically in Indiana but also in the broader U.S.