Collaboration Spotlight: Bridge Boys (Dickinson Intermediate) featured on ABC 57 News

According to the Department of Education, statistics show minority students are being suspended at alarming rates in the Hoosier state. Using a little creativity and life skills, one local leader is attempting to stop the trend in South Bend by simply "building a bridge." 

Under the leadership of Michael Boyd, Coordinator of the Bridge Boys at the Dickinson Intermediate Fine Arts Academy, young men identified by the school's administration partake in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), to prevent and/or reduce suspension rates as well as academic and behavioral issues. According to Boyd, "Bridge Boys who successfully complete the program show a reduced rate of suspension and/or expulsion from school, improved grades, and greater connection to the school and wider South Bend community. When a kid feels as if they are considered a bad kid by society's standards or what people say we focus on re-imaging and re-channeling some of that emotion."

To hear more about the Bridge Boys Program, visit ABC 57 News

Kudos on a job well done!