ND Professor, Dr. Julia Douthwaite uses race to create inclusivity and dialogue in the Upward Bound Summer Academy

While Dr. Julia Douthwaite is a ND Professor of French during the academic year, she takes on a different adventure as a professor of language arts for the Upward Bound Summer Academy. For the past three years, Professor Douthwaite has used her experiences from abroad to help students gain an appreciation for the "art" of "language." This year, complementing our summer theme: The Upward Bound Mosaic - Discovering the "Us" in "Others," Professor Douthwaite used race to bring literature to life. 

Check out her feature story in the South Bend Tribune.

*Professor Douthwaite's Upward Bound experience was also featured in the COE Spotlight, the weekly publication for the Council for Opportunity and Education. 

Kudos Professor Douthwaite on a job well done!