Upward Bound takes on the 2015 Summer Olympiad!

On June 25th-26th, Summer Academy Scholars attended the statewide Upward Bound Olympiad hosted by Indiana Univeristy-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) TRiO Programs. After a three-year hiatus, UB Scholars were ready to bring home the gold!

The Upward Bound Olympiad is an annual academic and recreational competition featuring over 300 TRiO Upward Bound high school students from the state of Indiana. While students participated in various athletic activities such as soccer and volleyball during the two-day Olympiad, it was the academic bowl that had students competing for serious bragging rights. 

Geared with the brainpower of UB Scholars Thomas Dang, Adam Lula, Gisella Morales-Garibay, Rebekah Amaya, Aurora Picon, and Willow Crisovan, Notre Dame was ready to take on the competition. After an hour of jeopardy-like trivia, stiff competitors from IUPUI, Indiana Wesleyan, Purdue-Calumet, and one point (literally), Notre Dame UB Scholars brought home the 2nd place trophy (a grand accomplishment after a three-year hiatus)!

In addition to recreational activities and the academic bowl, motivational speaker Ryan Eller conducted breakout sessions related to his talk, "Paradigm Shift," students received a campus tour, and participated in advocacy sessions. "In the time together, students had the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and come together to show off their academic skills," said Nicholas Gray, Director of TRIO Upward Bound at IPFW. "Students had the opportunity to take a tour of the IPFW campus, live in IPFW Student Housing, and see the resources we have to offer as they look forward to where they will attend college in the next few years."

Win or lose, as we loaded buses and prepared to head home, it was clear that the students developed friendships, a mutual respect for one another as competitors and scholars, as well as, the importance and impact of TRiO.