ETS hosts Shadow for a Day

While most of South Bend’s high school students were preparing for a typical day, sophomore and junior Educational Talent Search (ETS) scholars were preparing for their first day of college via “Shadow for a Day,” an event designed to further access and exposure to the collegiate environment by spending a day on campus with a college student. During the event, 21 ETS scholars shadowed Notre Dame students for a typical day. Students toured the campus, attended class lectures, visited dorms, and even enjoyed lunch in the South Dining Hall. To conclude the day, students received a presentation from the Office of Admissions. Participants reported that the day’s experiences were positive, fun, and eye-opening. One ETS scholar commented, “This experience showed me that there are a lot of different classes I can choose to take in college based on my interests. I never knew that before!” Another shared that this year’s “Shadow for a Day” helped him to realize how early he needed to start planning for college (“NOW”). ND undergrads who hosted TRiO students also reported having a memorable day. “I really enjoyed myself. It made me realize how important mentoring and exposure is to high school students.” Matt Adams, ETS Advisor agreed, "I'm so thankful and appreciative of the ND students. This would be impossible without them."