William B. Levin Girls In STEAM Endowment 

With contributions provided by Candy Levin, the William B. Levin Endowment allows female participants  of ND Upward Bound to partake in programming, initiatives and activities that are STEAM-based.

  Being one of the first women to graduate from the University of Notre Dame ('74), Mrs. Candy Levin  naturally became a pioneer. After receiving her B.A. in Government & International Relations (with a minor is Business and Navy ROTC), Levin went on to perform over 30 years of acquisition and program management for the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense (DoD) weapons and information technology (IT) systems. During that time, Levin also successfully developed and deployed an ACAT III C4ISR system as a Navy program manager; earned Department of the Navy Acquisition Workforce Level III Certifications in program management, business and financial management, communications and computers; an International Industry Certification as a program management professional (PMP); served on active duty as a Navy line officer for 21 years in a variety of operational and acquisition billets of increasing responsibility; and has served as a defense acquisition consultant for 16 years.

Levin was one of few female naval personnel during her time of service.

Considering Levin's academic and professional milestones, the William B. Levin Girls in STEAM Endowment was created to establish an ongoing pipeline for female participants of the University of Notre Dame’s Upward Bound program to engage in science, technology, engineering, architecture/arts, and mathematics (STEAM). 

The William B. Levin Girls in STEAM Endowment has provided funding for the following: